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My Creative Team

Alex Rupp
Becca Baker
Taylor Kuszyk
Emma Swayze
Clare Connell

Video Production
Dyani Clark

Wilson Green
Elinor Franklin
Darya Alvarez
Ali Bassiouni

Movin’ On is one of the top 5 largest student-run music festivals in the country, held annually at Penn State University.

In 2021-2022, I had the pleasure of working as the Movin’ On Creative Director, after three years of involvement in the festival’s design team. As Creative Director, I lead Movin’ On 2022’s creative team overseeing all design, merchandise, photography and videography for the event. Additionally, I collaborated with the rest of the board of directors to plan, organize, promote, and execute the festival.

Other positions I held since I began working with Movin’ On include Graphic Designer (2019-2020) and Design Director (2020-2021).


The visual theme for Movin’ On 2022 was inspired by 60s Psych-Rock. 
Leading visuals and elements included warped, hand-rendered typography; Vintage textures; and saturated color gradients.  

Movin’ On 2022 Directors posing with Jack Harlow


As creative director, I hired and worked with my own team of photographers. 
Special thanks to Elinor Franklin, Wilson Green, Darya Alvarez, and Ali Bassiouni.

Week of Festival

As part of the festival experience, every CORE member of Movin’ On is required to assist on the load-in and load-out of the festival, a three-day process in total.
Here I am setting up barracade!

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