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Flux 2020 UI / UX General Winner

Project Length
Oct - Nov 2020


Smart Phone

Mosaic is a calendar mobile application designed specifically for sea glass collectors. Functionality within the app includes: searching for beaches around the world with the rarest sea glass; tracking the tides; keeping track of collections; an online marketplace to buy and sell sea glass; seller reviews; profile achievments, and more. 

Log in & begin tracking your collection

Buy, sell & post sea glass from all around the world

Check the calendar for the optimal tides


The first steps in the design process of Mosiac were to map out the userflows. With a user goal and a niche target demographic, the leap to designing low fidelity wireframes requires a task-flow of product objectives.

Speaking of Lo-Fi’s...

Mosaic was awarded and recognized for UI / UX excellence in the Flux Design Competition, 2020.

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