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Project Length
Feb - Mar 2021


Menu COVID Accommodation 
Gigi’s Southern Tide is a theoretical rebrand of an existing restaurant, Gigi’s Southern Table. As stated by their official brand statement, Gigi’s Southern Table is “as casual as it is chic, it's a local farm to table experience capturing the sophisticated yet laid back ideals of southern hospitality.”

In order to rebrand this restaurant, I took primary inspiration from one of the most recurring food categories on their existing menu: fish. Gigi’s Southern Tide rebrand is entirely influenced by shipwrecks.

Having to entirely redesign the menu, dishes, silverware, and overall aesthetic of the restaurant, I decided to mix the pre-existing feminine vibe with the new dark nautical theme. I created this combination through the use of pinks, stained woods, and smoothed edges as they paired with skeletons, raw materials and broken plank-inspired borders.

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