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Project Length
October - Dec 2020

Fashion Editorial


Erin O’Donnell
Cover Model

Lea Travagline

Maddie Wendler

Drawing inspiration with the iconic W Magazine, I was tasked with creating a fashion magazine from scratch. The requirements for this project included designing and creating outfits, photography, layouts, some lettering, and finding my own models and locations. After the magazine was complete, I printed, cut, and bound the final by hand.

The magazine and outfits that I designed are inspired by Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe. I drew heavy inspiration from the color and composition of crystals as well as the show’s portrayal of fusion. Each model was assigned a gemstone and each of their outfits were designed to appeal to both dancer and superhero aesthetics.

The biggest challenges that I had to overcome in order to successfully complete this project were learning how to sew and designing women’s clothing for the first time. Although, photographing outdoors in the late fall at State College, Pennsylvania— especially during COVID-19— revealed its own problems.

Original Outfit Sketches

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