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Project Length
Sept & Dec 2020

Design Photography

Book Cover

Phoenix Chan

As part of my Design Photography course, I was tasked with creating an Experimental Portrait that I would subsequently transform into two different, but related, book covers: one photographic cover and one typographic cover. My final photographic solution portrays an extraterrestrial being seated in a floral, surrealist home setting, smoking cigarettes. My message in short: beauty can flourish amidst unhealthy habits.

Because of the alien-like design of the character in the portrait, I wanted my book covers to draw inspiration from retrofuturist sci-fi book covers from the 80s. My final photographic book jacket is designed to be printed on plantable, seeded paper. The intention is for the user to have the ability to plant the cover when they are finished with the book and allow it to grow. My typographic book cover was designed to mimic the fluid distortion of cigarette smoke, a complimentary element to the original portrait. 

Experimental Type

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